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Athlete of the Year 2017.

Like previous years, CE Glass Industries provided the glass trophies, produced with ceramic printing technology, for this year’s 48th „Délmagyarország Athlete of the Year” award ceremony. On this event the top twenty greatest athletes from Csongrád county were awarded.

Congratulations to the award winners!

More about the event:

Person of the Year 2017.

This year, Délmagyarország awarded three exceptional heroes the unique glass trophies produced by CE Glass Industries.
The title „Person of the Year” can be awarded to those persons who make the world a better place as everyday heroes, and set an exemple with their life and work.

Congratulations to the award winners!

The most breathtaking and longest glass bridge in the world

The 430 meters long glass bridge that stretches about 300 meters high between cliffs is located in the scenic. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Southern China.

The floor of the bridge consists of three layers of tempered glass sheets; the 99 sheets of glass are 3x4.5 meters in size and 15 millimeters thick. The bridge is not only breathtaking but also up-to-date, since the damaged glass elements can be easily replaced.

The bridge was opened to the public in August 2016, and since then has been visited by thousands of tourists every day for a bit of excitement and - of course - for a stunning view.

Hot air balloons

Participants of the Central European Cup hot air balloon competition rose into the air early morning next to the site of CE Glass Industries in Szatymaz.

Glacier Skywalk

Above the Canadian Sunwapta Valley, you can admire from a bird’s-eye view the glittering glaciers, mountain peaks and wildlife spread out below.

The 30-meter long Glacier Skywalk, opened in 2014, is located 280 meters above Jasper National Park, in Canada's Sunwapte Valley.

The glass system used for the skywalk consists of four layers, of which the lower three are fixed tempered safety glasses. The fourth, that is, the top glass layer plays a special role, because the visitors walk on it, therefore it can easily be changed if it is scratched or a small piece breaks out of it.

A rush of adrenaline is guaranteed at the skywalk, especially near the railing.

Giant doors in Belgium

The World’s largest glass pivoting doors are located in Antwerp, Belgium.

The sleek yet gigantic doors weigh a total of 2 tons, of which the glass weighs 1.5 tons, but they can be opened easily, at the touch of one finger.

The 3-meter wide and 6-meter high giant doors let in enough light that can fill the entire building with brightness