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Enormous glass bubbles in the shadows of skyscrapers

Enormous glass bubbles in the shadows of skyscrapers

Amazon, the trading US company have opened their glass bubble shaped new headquater building in Seattle.

The glass and steel domes vary in size, with the largest bubble spanning 40 meters in diameter and topping out at almost 30 meter high. The glass bubbles linked form 65,000 square-meters of open space with indoor waterfall and a river inside.

Another interesting fact is that Amazon trying to help their staff reach higher productivity with a huge boardroom constructed in a tree and a stimulating botanical garden environment.

The company have hired a gardener to find and plant over 300 species of plant in the bubble from all over the world.

Visit the fascinating office building if you happen to be staying near. You will only need to make an appointment.

You had better hurry up since over 20,000 people have booked a place untill the end of April.