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Harlem Hospital Center reconstruction with printed glass technology

Harlem Hospital Center reconstruction with printed glass technology

Following its reconstruction, the building of Harlem Hospital Center in New York received magnificent glass murals.

The ceramic printed glass mural on the hospital’s facade is based on the work of African-American artist Vertis Hayes, titled “Pursuit of Happiness”..

The 3676-square-meter printed image consists of 429 pieces of laminated safety glass, which viewed from the street creates the impression of a monumental mural.

The modern printed work of art shows off its real beauty at night, when the interior lights of the hospital building bring the breathtaking colors to life.

Its unique colours are achieved with special ceramic paints applied to the glass surface by means of ceramic printing technology The glass is then tempered at 660-670 °C which practically burns the paint into the glass surface, causing them to fuse together.

Glass made with ceramic printer procedure does not fade, resists UV radiation and heat effects, cannot be scraped off and does not react to acidic or mechanical impacts.

Therefore it is a much better choice than any other decoration technology, and the opacity of the printed image can be adjusted as required.